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Through its enormous flexibility the migration-center may be deployed for a variety of migration scenarios. All this at no risk of system unavailability and without impact on daily business.

In-Place Migration

Whether it may be a reorganization of folder structures, the access permissions or the document object model in your repository, updating your ECM systems becomes even more efficient without moving the content (in-place migration). You may even migrate your existing business application to a new business application, e.g. migrate your Documentum Webtop based application to the Documentum D2 Life Science Solution Suite.

Migration to the Cloud

High speed Internet connections are available in many parts of the world, but transferring mass data from an existing ECM application to the cloud or to other datacenters through the internet and web services remains challenging. The migration-center application simplifies data migrations to the cloud and helps clients to migrate large volumes of content into their favored Cloud System.


Existing documents typically reside on file share or other legacy systems. For users having to work with two or more document stores reduces workflow efficiency to the point that all benefits of the new system may be for nothing. All relevant existing documents should therefore be moved into the new repository and classified in accordance with the chosen attribute and security model.


Version upgrades are costly and not without risk to the integrity of the content. They do not, however, result in any form of improved use of the data. Therefore, while upgrading your DMS software, use the migration-center’s power at little extra cost to move documents safely while remapping metadata in order to better reflect current business needs.


IT MANAGERS – Lower the risk of project failure with migration-center as it has proven its quality in hundreds of projects around the world. The open connectivity architecture allows to extend the platform over time, the flexible pricing model increases cost transparency and our global service presence guarantees project support.


PROJECT MANAGERS – migration-center decreases the project duration by 80% due to the predefined migration approach, the high scalability and the delta migration ability. It works in the background without interrupting your daily business operations.

of your project duration can be saved with migration-center


PROJECT MANAGERS – Increase the quality of your migration project and assure compliance with migration-center. The migration validation assures compliance even in highly regulated environments and guarantees full auditability of all migration processes.

of your project duration can be saved with migration-center


IT MANAGERS – Save up to 60% in project cost for your content migration project because migration-center has more than 100 migration paths for multiple platforms. The simple migration rule configuration reduces costs for your change requests dramatically and the products supports application decommissioning to save maintenance costs.

of your projects costs can be saved


SYSTEM INTEGRATORS – Expand your business and use migration-center to offer best-in-class content migration projects. Using our software and our accompanying best practices methodologies will help you open new doors in major corporations and set yourself off against the competition.

of your projects costs can be saved


DEVELOPERS / CONSULTANTS – Our reliable software and experienced support grants a predictable performance and makes your content migration a success. migration-center is simple to install and has a low learning curve which leads to increased productivity.

successful projects


ARCHITECTS/ADMINISTRATORS – working with migration-center as your preferred content migration platform guarantees high system availability, helps you manage version upgrades faster and with predictable results which lead to less maintenance costs and makes your users happy.


    Enterprise information is often spread around diverse IT locations using different or even no DMS, some on outdated or even insecure platforms. With migration-center these repositories may be easily consolidated into one, in order to maintain critical documents with safety, consistency and regulatory compliance while reducing maintenance costs dramatically.


    Business acquisitions, process changes or departmental reorganizations over the years have left the enterprise information base in a state where it no longer enables users to perform their daily tasks efficiently. Documents need to be reclassified in line with a better attribute model, old or duplicate documents removed, access rights redefined, compliance issues implemented. The result may bring great benefit to the entire organisation.


    It may be useful for access and security reasons to maintain a mirror subset of parts of the repository (example: sharing selected documents  with your suppliers). These documents could be placed in certain folders and as the content of these folders changes, the migration-center will automatically pick up changed content and move it to the repository subset.


    Terabytes of legacy content in diverse out-of-date systems cost millions annually to maintain, finding anything is time consuming and not always successful. Moving this content into a single repository will save money and allow better control over enterprise data as well as the implementation of Compliance and Record Management policies.


    Archiving systems contain documents to be transferred into an ECM System. Reasons for this could be the replacement of an out-of-date archiving system by a more modern solution. Or certain documents are to be extracted and integrated with an already existing ECM system.

    This often requires the conversion of older data types (PDF, TIFF, COLD, IMG) into newer data types such as PDF-A. The migration-center is designed for mass import and format conversions can be integrated as required.


    Does your company need to publish content periodically/continuously from your ECM system (system of records) into multiple systems like the intranet, the cloud, collaboration platforms, file shares, FTPs etc.? Or on the other end do you need to archive a lot of information from different internal systems (e-mail, collaboration platform or file shares) information into your ECM system to meet the defined compliance standards? For both ways: Let migration-center do the job for you and publish and the content for you and automatically archive from or into your system of records.


    When implementing ECM applications the creation of meaningful test data often leads to significant unplanned additional cost and effort. In many projects the moving of test data into different test environments can only be carried out by developing suitable tools. Using migration-center, test data can be transferred between test environments with little effort while fully adhering to data security policies and keeping storage space and run times at a minimum.


    There may be a requirement to collect documents from other systems (f. e. ERP systems) and to store those into the repository on a regular basis.

    The migration-center can be run on a time scheduled basis, automatically picking up documents from certain file share locations and classifying them into the repository using predetermined rules.