we attend to your content migration challenges

Even the best tool requires someone to design your target repository model and define the rules for metadata extraction and transformation. Together with our international certified partners we guarantee the success of your projects.

A powerful ETL-tool for content migration services like the migration- center is clearly mandatory in every major ECM installation today. It is based on best practice principles developed over hundreds of migration projects.
fme Migration & Upgrade Services

We incorporate more than 17 years of project experience in the field of migrating applications, content and data. Our experts have hence developed best practice methods and tools to minimize recurring project costs not only for ourselves but also for you.

Your migration projects are in safe hands with us – no matter whether you need a full service or just support in certain subareas of your project. We offer consulting, services and efficient migration projects, including near-shore resources.

If you like we will define together with you the target for your migration, take a close look at legal aspects, outline KPIs for performance and time frame of the migration, do a risk assessment and estimate workload, expense and benefit for the migration as well as organize the migration without affecting your daily business. Our service teams are able to support you in projects around the globe as we work jointly with our offices in Romania, Germany and the United States.

We have successfully been audited by leading companies and our numerous references speak for themselves. For you we provide highly competent assistance and best practice methodologies in order to guarantee the success of your projects

Migration & Upgrade Assessment

Do you have a migration or upgrade project scheduled? Is your project success endangered? Then bring in our Migration & Upgrade Task Force. Our migration experts are available for support.

  • On-site assessment of your existing and planned environments, using tested procedural models and checklists at discounted rate
  • Based on this information, we will recommend the optimal procedure for upgrading or migrating your environment to the current version or to a new client.
  • As a result of the assessment, you will receive an individual price offering for your upgrade or migration project
  • Depending on the complexity and capacity for the modification of your clients, we will also recommend a single or multi-day analysis conducted by fme experts, in order to determine the proper strategy for upgrading the client customizations.

migration-center Meet & Greet Workshop

migration-center’s abilities will make a positive difference in your business if you are challenged with migrating enterprise content. Convince yourself and let us demonstrate your data working within migration-center in just a couple of days before you lease or buy the whole product.

You are invited to experience the power and flexibility of migration-center through a meet and greet workshop onsite with your whole team. In just two or three days, we will present you with a working migration environment/scenario – with your data and possibly even APIs/connections to some of your systems – to show you how fast and easy you can work with migration-center. You may also invite your local partner so they are onboard from the first minute on. We will train the whole team and give you the best start to your future migration projects.

Our offer

  • 2-3 day workshop onsite (length depending on your project requirements) with one of our product and migration experts for free
  • Full documentation of workshop material and product information
  • Full evaluation copy of migration-center for two weeks
  • Product support for the whole test period

Your investment

  • 2-3 days of your migration team’s work time, depending on your requirements
  • Travel, allowance and accommodation expenses for our migration-center expert
migration-center Training & Deployment Services

You are invited to experience the power and flexibility of migration-center through a Training & Deployment Services engagement with your team. In just five days, we will present you with your working migration environment to show you on how fast and easy you will work with migration-center. We will train the whole team and give you the best start to your future migration projects with migration-center.


  • Gain training & expertise from the fme experts to jump start your use of migration-center
  • Start building your migration team by involving everybody from the first minute
  • Profit from our best practices and get ready for your first migration-center project
  • You get to ask all the questions you may have
  • Identify other application areas of migration-center in your company you haven’t even thought of yet

Our Offer

  • 5 day workshop onsite with one of our product and migration experts
  • Full documentation of workshop material and product information


Application Decommissioning & Live Archiving

Are you in need to reduce costs for storage, servers, operations, support, DBMS licenses by decommissioning your legacy ECM systems? Then you might consider or have already decided on EMC’s InfoArchive as a new archive platform.

Our EMC certified solution migration-center assists you with the decommissioning of legacy unstructured and semi-structured data (e.g. content management systems, file shares etc.), including live archiving of content from various repositories to EMC InfoArchive. Let us guide you through a successful planning process and an efficient implementation phase with our application decommissioning packages. With professional services and Migration-center we will shorten your time to value for the EMC InfoArchive platform and guarantee transparent project costs.

ECM Version Upgrades

Upgrade to a new version of your existing ECM system with little or no downtime and optionally take the chance to clean up or restructure your repository.


Application Migrations

Switch to a new ECM client, e.g. from Documentum Webtop to Documentum D2 or xCP, from legacy applications to Documentum, SharePoint or Alfresco clients, etc.

Infrastructure Optimizations

No matter if you want to switch the underlying database of your ECM system or if your end users complain about poor performance of your ECM system – we will optimize your infrastructure according to your needs.

migration-center Validation Package

The migration-center Validation Package is a new and exclusive approach based on best practices that simplifies the verification process and therefore reduces the time the business is involved in migration projects. This additional package for migration-center projects consists of two basic components: A collection of needed document templates and consulting services to adapt the templates to the individual client validation needs.



Besides our full service offering we can support your migration process in the following areas:

  • Analysis & planning
  • Project Management
  • Best practices Consulting
  • migration-center Training
  • Implementation Services
  • Adapter Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Migration Validation
  • Maintenance & Support
Together with our international certified partners we help you to answer your content migration challenges successfully. We provide highly competent assistance in order to guarantee the success of your projects.
These migration-center partners provide highly competent assistance:

Altran is Europe’s leading IT, engineering and management with more than 17 000 employees worldwide. The company was founded in 1982 and has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1987. In Scandinavia, Altran is represented in Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmö, Borlänge, Karlstad and Oslo with 400 employees. We offer consulting services in two main areas: Information Systems and Embedded & Critical Systems.  Information Systems Altran has a strong position on the Scandinavian market within Enterprise Content Management (ECM), assisting clients in research and information-intensive businesses within private and public sector. With innovation as a guiding principle, our mission is to assist companies in their efforts to create and develop new products and services.

Altran | Norway
Altran | Sweden

Altran is a leading global provider of innovation and high-tech engineering services. We add value by enabling our clients across industry sectors to: Outsource their engineering and technology R&D activity, develop and implement innovative solutions to engineering challenges, optimise engineering and technology project delivery costs, bring new products to market in the quickest time possible, assure the safety, reliability and security of systems and Technologies. Altran provides its services through five integrated Group Solutions, international organisations with global delivery teams and centres of excellence in particular engineering disciplines. We have UK offices, including secure facilities, in Bath, Bristol, London, Slough and Warwick.

Altran | UK

AMPLEXOR is your leading partner for content related challenges. Delivering technology, consultancy, system integration, and language and content management services to support your business core processes. We help our customers achieve process efficiency, increase revenue generation, reduce time-to-market and ensure quality and compliance.

Amplexor | France, Switzerland

Emergem Oy is privately owned service provider, based in Finland, operates and has clients all over EU. Emergem drives maximum value from information with ECM, Big data and Lean Enterprise Architecture. Emergem is interested in all states of content lifecycle, from creation to disposal. We drive content strategy and vision for long term view of business and technology and ensure information capabilities, information governance and information architecture that balances innovation, performance, risk and cost. Content migrations are essential part to ensure maximal benefits from content. Emergem wants to ensure that no good and valuable content is left behind when you consolidate your repositories or move to the clouds.

Emergem Oy | Finland

We help our clients worldwide to master their digital transformation in order to remain competitive and to explore future markets. This we achieve by optimizing or challenging our clients’ business models through existing and new technologies. Cloud, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management technologies in combination with custom software development and the ability to operate our clients’ systems 24×7 help us to add value to our clients’ transformation process. Our teams in Germany, the United States and Romania are experienced in managing global projects and grant access to our near-shore resources.

fme AG | Germany
fme US, LLC | USA
fme SRL | Romania

HCL America, Inc. provides consulting and information technology (IT) services in North America. The company provides application services in the areas of customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, IT infrastructure, and business process outsourcing. It also specializes in digital signal processing, embedded systems, engineering, enterprise tools, middleware, product data management, security, storage networking, systems software, verification and validation, voice over Internet protocol, and wireless technology services.  HCL America, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of HCL Technologies, Ltd.


HCL Technologies (HCLT) is amongst India’s leading global IT services and product engineering companies, providing value-added, software-led IT solutions and services to large and medium-scale organizations. HCLT has witnessed exponential growth inthe past few years. This has resulted from the company’s unique business model, which is offshore-led, technology-centric and powered by domain expertise and a comprehensive understanding of specific business verticals around IT, BPO & Infrastructure Services. The firm focusses on eight vertical industry segments covering Banking and Financial Service, Insurance, Retail & Consumer, Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductors, Life Science and Petroleum sectors.


Paragon Solutions, a privately held firm, is a leading provider of management consulting and information technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. During the firm’s 28-year history, Paragon has established a reputation as a quality service organization with recognition of service excellence from clients and industry associations. Today, the Company delivers services from anchor offices such as New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Bangalore India, helping companies implement solutions that grow competitive advantage.

Paragon Solutions | USA

Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. We aim to be customers’ first choice for business renewal by combining our software and services capabilities with a strong drive for co-innovation and ecosystems.

Tieto Corporation | Finland