not only a product but rather a migration platform

migration-center carries out highly automated, large volume migrations without system downtime. It is a 100 % out-of-the-box software, fully documented, easy to deploy and needs no additional programming or scripting effort.

Outstanding Capabilities
Our product is first in migration technology with these capabilities:

Meta Data Transformation Engine

An advanced, rule based metadata transformation capability, which is so powerful and flexible as to require no additional programming or scripting.

Object attributes (metadata) are transformed through the use of functions. For each attribute a virtually unlimited number of functions may be inserted. The output of one function can be used as input to another, allowing highly complex transformation rules.

Different function categories are available: String functions, Get value, Concatenate, Path functions, System functions, Regular expressions, IF functions, Formatting functions, Trim functions.

Individual rules for every data set can thus be defined, specifying metadata extraction and transformation as required by the target system, the assignment of folder location, document links and access permissions.

Managing large data voluMes

The migration-center allows the easy organization and processing of large data volumes without interference with daily business operations.

  • Scalable components allow fast object load of mass volume
  • Input data is analyzed and organized into meaningful and manageable data sets based on predetermined rules and selection criteria
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • No volume restrictions, high performance document handling, multiple sets can be processed at the same time in easy functional steps, mass operations run in the background

Migration activities are carried out on live data without effecting daily business operations through successive delta source data scans to pick up any document changes during the migration project.

Central Migration Database

All information about the target model, sets, rules and objects is centrally maintained. Transformation operations can thus be defined and created, then simulated and tested real-time without moving any objects.

Database carries information on:
Documents, folders, target attribute model, source and target metadata, extraction / transformation rules, value lists, audit trail for each object

The source system objects will be technologically “neutralized” and stored in the migration-center database, before being transferred into the final state of technology by the following transformation. This is why connecting various systems (apart from the out-of-the-box migration paths) is possible with minimal customizing efforts.

Predefined Migration Approach

The typical migration process consists of certain clearly defined steps. migration-center allows the analyst to follow the same six migration phases in each project. This approach is based on best practice principles developed over hundreds of migration projects and lowers the learning curve.

  • Analyze
  • Organize
  • Transform
  • Validate
  • Correct
  • Import
Successive Delta Migrations

The secret weapon of migration-center is the ability to carry out successive delta migration of your source systems. This permits migration activities in the initial project phase on live data without effecting your daily business operations.

Users continue to work as usual on documents on their source systems, even while in the background migration activities are taking place. In the first delta migration strategy phase migration-center will automatically pick up any changes to your source repositories and integrate them into the migration process. The second delta migration phase is in most projects planned for a weekend, so that the system downtime of only two days affects as little users as possible.

Real-time Simulation and Test

For each individual set, the migration-center allows the dynamic simulation and testing of all transformation rules before committing content to repository import, including validation against target model, automated or manual error handling, online/offline simulation and rollback.

Full logging and auditing capability are standard.

Ready for sensitive environments

migration-center has been validated and approved by many companies in regulated environments, e.g. international pharmaceutical players. To fulfill the challenging demands of these customers, migration-center has proven the following quality features:

  • Robust logging
  • Validation of the data before import
  • Content integrity check (hash finger print to secure data immutability during the migration process)
  • Error detection
  • Error logging
  • Complete auditability of the migration process

All these features allow to validate the documentation of the whole migration project more effectively and efficiently.

Open Connectivity Architecture

The migration-center grants out-of-the-box Connections to OpenText Documentum, Alfresco, OpenText Content Server and Microsoft SharePoint. The open architecture allows the Connection of virtually any source to any target system via the migration-center framework & API. Other source / target repositories to be developed using the migration-center API and framework. The key features of migration-center API are:

  • Java (Version 1.5+) support | Any Java code may be used | JavaDocs for all classes
  • Use of standard design-pattern
  • Highly flexible and extendable | Easy to understand
  • MC-Core encapsulates main processes and provides a “ProcessList” to handle all standard functionalities as: Start, Pause, Stop, Transform, Validate etc…
  • Extend from abstract-adapter-class and fill three methods with logic – only one of these is mandatory (entry point for adaptor)
  • Also references to COM or other assemblies are possible
  • Good documentation and commentaries
  • Example eclipse project available


Save 60% in cost and 80% in project duration

The migration-center pricing model is simple, but yet very flexible. Buy or lease the product according to your individual requirements.

Our pricing model

The pricing consists of migration-center core (including client, database, jobserver and API) plus your individual migration path/s.

Depending on your source and target systems the pricing will of course vary. You may start your migration project small with only one source and one target system and later extend the migration-center platform according to possibly growing needs in your company.

migration-center is based on a module principle and easily extendable. Because of the migration-center out-of-the-box migration paths and the open connectivity architecture it is possible to extend the platform at any time or build individual adapters using the migration-center API and framework. Please ask if you need more information on customization.

Why purchase?

Use migration-center as a corporate migration platform. If you have extensive content migration projects in diverse departments or locations over a longer period of time the purchasing option is best for you.

  • Flexible platform for content migration projects
  • Extendable with additional migration paths
  • Standardized migration project approach


Why lease?

If you have a very limited scope for your content migration project, you may lease migration-center for the period of 12 months minimum.

  • Attractive leasing costs
  • Limited time period
  • Unlimited migrations
  • Included support
  • No further costs


LIMITED SPECIAL | Small-Scale Project Offer

What happens if your migration project only consists of a rather small amount of files for which it would not be profitable to buy or lease a full license of migration-center? With our brand new Small-Scale Project Offer, we answer the call for a possibility of using migration-center even for small volume migration projects.



The return on investment with migration-center is excellent. We will show you how to save 60% in costs and 80% in project duration when using migration-center as compared to developing your own scripts and frameworks.




IT MANAGERS – Lower the risk of project failure with migration-center as it has proven its quality in hundreds of projects around the world. The open connectivity architecture allows to extend the platform over time, the flexible pricing model increases cost transparency and our global service presence guarantees project support.


PROJECT MANAGERS – migration-center decreases the project duration by 80% due to the predefined migration approach, the high scalability and the delta migration ability. It works in the background without interrupting your daily business operations.

of your project duration can be saved with migration-center


PROJECT MANAGERS – Increase the quality of your migration project and assure compliance with migration-center. The migration validation assures compliance even in highly regulated environments and guarantees full auditability of all migration processes.

of your project duration can be saved with migration-center


IT MANAGERS – Save up to 60% in project cost for your content migration project because migration-center has more than 100 migration paths for multiple platforms. The simple migration rule configuration reduces costs for your change requests dramatically and the products supports application decommissioning to save maintenance costs.

of your projects costs can be saved


SYSTEM INTEGRATORS – Expand your business and use migration-center to offer best-in-class content migration projects. Using our software and our accompanying best practices methodologies will help you open new doors in major corporations and set yourself off against the competition.

of your projects costs can be saved


DEVELOPERS / CONSULTANTS – Our reliable software and experienced support grants a predictable performance and makes your content migration a success. migration-center is simple to install and has a low learning curve which leads to increased productivity.

successful projects


ARCHITECTS/ADMINISTRATORS – working with migration-center as your preferred content migration platform guarantees high system availability, helps you manage version upgrades faster and with predictable results which lead to less maintenance costs and makes your users happy.