not only a product but rather a migration platform

migration-center carries out highly automated, large volume migrations without system downtime. It is a 100 % out-of-the-box software, fully documented, easy to deploy and needs no additional programming or scripting effort.


Save 60% in cost and 80% in project duration

The migration-center pricing model is simple, but yet very flexible. Buy or lease the product according to your individual requirements.

Our pricing model

The pricing consists of migration-center core (including client, database, jobserver and API) plus your individual migration path/s.

Depending on your source and target systems the pricing will of course vary. You may start your migration project small with only one source and one target system and later extend the migration-center platform according to possibly growing needs in your company.

migration-center is based on a module principle and easily extendable. Because of the migration-center out-of-the-box migration paths and the open connectivity architecture it is possible to extend the platform at any time or build individual adapters using the migration-center API and framework. Please ask if you need more information on customization.

Why purchase

Use migration-center as a corporate migration platform. If you have extensive content migration projects in diverse departments or locations over a longer period of time the purchasing option is best for you.

  • Flexible platform for content migration projects
  • Extendable with additional migration paths
  • Standardized migration project approach
Why lease?

If you have a very limited scope for your content migration project, you may lease migration-center for the period of 12 months minimum.

  • Attractive leasing costs
  • Limited time period
  • Unlimited migrations
  • Included support
  • No further costs
Summer Special - Pay what you wish-offering!

What is the market leading product worth to you? From June 15th until August 15th 2017 you can let us know what you would pay to use migration-center in your migration project! All you need to do: First, evaluate migration-center by requesting a free evaluation. After this trial phase you can make a price proposal for a migration-center leasing package. It has never been easier to start your content migration project!


The return on investment with migration-center is excellent. We will show you how to save 60% in costs and 80% in project duration when using migration-center as compared to developing your own scripts and frameworks.


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