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Nov 7, 2019 | by Mark Deckert

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Today I would like to share some news with you about what the product development team has been focusing on in the last months and what we are currently working on.

What’s new?

In version 3.9 we added a new CSV/Excel scanner to migration-center. We decided to implement a dedicated scanner for CSV and MS Excel files for three reasons:
First, Oracle removed a component called JDBC-ODBC-Bridge from Java starting with version 8. Since this component was required by our database scanner in order to scan CSV and MS Excel files, our customers suddenly had no way to scan CSV or Excel files anymore.
Second, the performance of the database scanner was poor when scanning large CSV and Excel files. The new scanner shows a much better performance, especially when scanning large files.
And last but not least, we added an enrichment mode to the scanner, which allows you to add the data from the CSV or Excel file as additional source attributes to an existing scan run.

The main use case for this feature is to add data from third-party systems to the objects that you previously scanned from a specific source system. For example, consider you want to migrate records from a Documentum based application into an archive. But the records in the OpenText Documentum application have references to basic data in third-party systems, maybe customer detail data in an ERP system. If you want to have all the necessary data of a record in the archive, you can simply export the basic data from the third-party system into a CSV file and then enrich your previously scanned Documentum records with this data before you migrate them into the archive.

With version 3.10 we released a completely re-designed Box importer. This new importer supports among others setting of custom metadata, tags, and comments on the imported documents and also uses the latest version of the Box API.

What’s next?

We are currently working on two more new connectors: A Microsoft SharePoint Online scanner will be released with version 3.11. The first version of this connector allows you to scan documents and folders with their metadata from SharePoint Online. We will add more features to the scanner step by step, for example scanning of lists with list items and their attachments. We also work on a completely re-designed SharePoint Online importer, which leverages the SharePoint Migration API. This bulk API promises a much better throughput when importing documents into SharePoint Online than alternative APIs like CSOM or REST.

And finally, we are also working on our new web client for migration-center, which will replace the outdated migration-center Windows client. The first version of the web client will have a similar functionality and design as the current Windows client. But it will be the basis for future improvements in usability and exciting new features.


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