migration-center 4.0 Insights – User Interface

Feb 15, 2017 | by Mark Deckert

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This is the first contribution of a small series of articles, which will provide an insight into the development of the next major version of our migration-center. From now on, we will keep you updated in this blog about new features, functionalities and improvements that will be implemented and that you can look forward to. This first part of the series addresses the new user interface.

The most visible changes to the new migration-center will be in the user interface. It is designed from the ground up and makes it much easier for users to perform their migrations.

The migration-center provides a six-step approach to migration, as shown in the following figure:

Blogpost | migration-center 4.0 Insights - User Interface | 01

In the user interface of the new version, this approach can be found directly, that is, the users are guided more strongly. This is intended to let new users of the migration-center finish their migration projects faster than before. The following figure shows the main menu of the new MC with the steps of the procedure:

Blogpost | migration-center 4.0 Insights - User Interface | 02

In the upcoming contributions, I will discuss the individual steps and the additional functionalities of the new migration-center.