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Become Our Service Partner

Sooner or later nearly every company needs migration technology for upgrading their systems, implementing new systems or consolidating existing systems. Therefore, migration technology can open up doors into highly lucrative accounts effortlessly. With one of the leading softwares for content migrations backing you up, proving your capability to your customers can be a piece of cake.
Positioning yourself as the indispensible partner for handling migration requests is a very valuable and rewarding situation.

All these circumstances result in the enablement of providing highly competitive proposals or what we call »leveraged services«. Due to the combination of the following three points your company can stand out amongst other competitors:

  • Competent services as an ECM integrator
  • Boosted by migration-center’s know-how, training and best practice experience
  • Supported by fme’s advanced tools and technologies at your fingertips


Become Our OEM/ISV Connector Partner

Join us helping corporations in mastering their digital change with our Partner Development Program.
This program supports you to develop your own source or target connector for migration-center.
In return, our sales force and service partner sell migration-center licenses with your connector and boost your revenue substantially.

As an active member of our PDP, you profit from our marketing and sales knowledge. At the same time, you stay focused on your technological core competence: the development of connectors for migration-center.

This partnership also allows you to benefit from our long lasting migration experience, resulting in unique advantages.

  • Diversify your service business through selling licenses
  • Opportunities to cross sell migration services & partner connectors
  • Chance of acquiring new sales channels to new & existing customers
  • Access to many customers worldwide
  • and many more …