Target Platform | OpenText InfoArchive

Go OpenText InfoArchive!

Target Platform | OpenText InfoArchive

Usa migration-center as the perfect trailblazer to leverage a successful implementation and use of OpenText InfoArchive

Go OpenText InfoArchive!

Are you in need to reduce costs for storage, servers, operations, support, DBMS licenses or would like to decommission your legacy ECM software / systems? Then you might have come across OpenText’s InfoArchive solution. migration-center is the perfect trailblazer to get your project started. The ECM solution is to separate the active content, which is needed to support the daily business processes, from the static but valuable content. Active content can be migrated from legacy ECM Systems to the current OpenText platform. The static content can be archived to a cost-effective Enterprise Archive like OpenText’s InfoArchive.


Your Benefits

  • migration-center is a full function, out-of-the-box software, fully documented, easy to deploy, with a graphical user interface
  • Easy to use, no programing or scripting needed
  • No downtimes! It works without interrupting any of your normal business operations
  • Efficient metadata transformation through extensible algorithms
  • Certified by leading ECM platform vendors
  • Robust logging, validation of the data before import, error detection, logging and handling
  • Customization is easy and fast in case of special customer requirements
  • PDF-A conversion can easily be integrated for long-term archiving e.g. Adlib ( ­and solutions/solutions/archive ­with ­pdf ­a.aspx)
  • Multi source and target platform support – migration-center grants more than 120 out-of-the-box connections from various source to various target systems
  • With our international partners we offer customer product training as well as complete implementation by highly competent professionals
  • migration-center supports the Open Archive Information System standard (OAIS) for Submission Information Package (SIP) which is the information sent from the producer to the archive

Of course we offer further service in terms of analysis and planning, project management or product training. We will also support you with the implementation and deliver maintenance and support after the initial project phase.

How does migration-center do the trick?

migration-center is perfectly suited to separate static but valuable content from active content no matter which source and target systems are involved. It is designed to efficiently organize, transform and move large volumes of documents into the chosen target ECM repository and/or Enterprise Archive. The product lets you define a wide range of selection criteria for separating your inactive and active data. Maybe you wish to group all documents which have not been modified for the last 5 years; all finance documents of a given year; all those with an identical file path; or any other criteria combination.

Once the individual sets have been defined you can execute the next steps (transform, validate, correct) and finally import the set in to the ECM tool or Enterprise Archive. migration-center supports the Open Archive Information System standard (OAIS) for Submission Information Package (SIP) which is the information sent from the producer to the archive.

Supported Source Systems
  • Alfresco
  • Database (SQL)
  • DXC FirstDoc
  • eRoom
  • File Share
  • IBM Notes/Domino
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel / CSV
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OpenText Content Server
  • OpenText Documentum (Webtop, D2, xCP)
  • XML
  • others on request
Supported Capabilities
  • SIP creation and content selection
    SIP packages are created automatically based on individual selection criteria’s and rules e.g. creation date, document type etc.
  • Rule based EAS_SIP and EAS_PDI creation (metadata transformation)
    The EAS_SIP and EAS_PDI XML output files can be configured based on individual transformation rules within migration-center. Highly complex scenarios are possible!
  • XML transformation for EAS_PDI XML output file
    In case migration-centers standard EAS_PDI XML output does not meet the requirements, a XML transformation can be configured
    to create individual and complex EAS_PD outputs files.
  • XML output file validation
    Generated XML output files can be validated against the XML schema definition (InfoArchive HOLDING XSD) to avoid problems during the ingestion process.
  • Post-processing script execution
    Once the SIP packages are created, a batch post-processing script (.bat file) can be triggered to e.g. execute the ingestion process. This feature allows a fully automated archiving process controlled by the migration-center scheduler.
  • Ingestion mode configuration
    Batch ingestion for mass-information archiving and transactional ingestion for immediate, ad hoc archiving can be configured.
  • Content routing
    Static content can be routed to EMC InfoArchive and active content to e.g. EMC Documentum/D2.
  • Support InfoArchive web services
    Execute and control the ingestion process by the InfoArchive web services to import the SIPs during the migration-center import process (fast ingestion).
Supported Versions
  • 4.0
  • 4.1
  • 4.2
  • 16.3
  • 16.4
  • 16.5