Target Platform | OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences

Go OpenText Documentum D2 Life Science Solution Suite!

Target Platform | OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences

Use migration-center as one of the most widespread solutions when it comes to migrating to OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences

Go OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences!

migration-center is the bridge between your content in file or legacy systems and the OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences. 80% of the top ten pharmaceutical companies already rely on migration-center.

OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences based on D2 is a product suite for document management applications for life science companies. Choose our OpenText certified product migration-center for your content migration to OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences. migration-center supports complex and critical migrations and has proven its quality in numerous migration projects in highly regulated environments. For migration paths with the target of D2 based systems, migration-center supports all D2 specific capabilities like auto-naming, auto-linking etc.
Benefit from lower costs and enhanced compliance.


Your Benefits

  • The chance to adapt storage structures and meta data to current business realities, to clean up users, groups and access rights, to redefine object types and attributes, to correct and optimize attribute values (value lists and spelling)
  • The possibility to integrate other legacy data at the same time
  • To create the base for improved adherence to compliance guidelines
  • 100% audit trail of the migration through logging at document and folder level
  • High speed mass import
  • No risk of system unavailability for the user, since the migration is done in parallel without negatively impacting daily business operations (incremental document migration tool)
  • Due to the proven migration-center, Documentum content migration projects are easier to plan and control in terms of costs and risks
  • Documentum migration services proven in a large number of customer projects

Of course we offer further service in terms of analysis and planning, project management or product training. We will also support you with the implementation and deliver maintenance and support after the initial project phase.

How does migration-center do the trick?

migration-center offers the highest degree of automation and transformation capabilities available today. It is a full function, out-of-the-box software product, fully documented, easy to deploy, with an excellent graphical user interface. PLUS: It minimizes project runtime and lowers project costs as it runs in the background without affecting your daily business operations.

The fme migration-center permits the analysis of existing metadata and the automatic, rule-based classification of documents according to an improved storage and attribute model as defined by your team. What’s more, it is especially suited for large data volumes. This new concept, embodied in the migration-center, encapsulates functions and rules derived from the Best Practise experiences learned from many migration projects. Configuration of those rules and functions resolves the most complex requirements of Documentum D2 migration projects.

Supported Source Systems
  • Alfresco
  • Database (SQL)
  • DXC FirstDoc
  • eRoom
  • File Share
  • IBM Notes/Domino
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel / CSV
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OpenText Content Server
  • OpenText Documentum (Webtop, D2, xCP)
  • XML
  • others on request
Supported Capabilities

Document Capabilities:

  • Custom object types and attributes
  • Audit trails*
  • System attributes (creation date, modify date, owner etc.)
  • Set permissions / ACLs
  • Set user / groups
  • Set lifecycles state
  • Workflows (promote)*
  • Aspects
  • Primary content
  • Secondary content (renditions)
  • Content-less objects
  • Versions
  • Relations*
  • Virtual documents*
  • Links*
  • Value lists
  • Annotations*

OpenText D2 Life Science Solution Suite Specific Capabilities:

  • Auto-Naming
  • Auto-Linking
  • Dynamic Security
  • Owner based rules
  • Dictionary attribute validation
  • Attach D2 lifecycle states
  • Storing of boolean attributes that have a yes/no dictionary in D2
  • Using D2 properties for data validation with repeating attribute conditions

Folder Capabilities:

  • Custom object types and attributes
  • Automatic and rule-based folder creation
  • Set permissions / ACLs
  • Set user / groups
  • Links*
  • Value lists

Migration Capabilities:

  • Advanced Metadata transformation
  • Source system analysis capabilities
  • Duplicate detection
  • No content copy migrations*
  • Successive delta or incremental migration
  • Scheduled and fully automated migration
  • No volume restrictions
  • Scalability and parallel processing
  • Synchronisation
  • Offline simulation
  • Roll back

*Source system dependent

Supported Versions
  • 4.1