Target Platform | DXC FirstDoc

Go DXC FirstDoc!

Target Platform | DXC FirstDoc

Use migration-center as a powerful and certified software for your data migration projects to DXC FirstDoc

Go DXC FirstDoc!

Many pharmaceutical companies today are faced with the challenge of implementing and optimizing electronic submissions on a timely basis. They aim at shortening the process and accelerating a product’s time to market. DXC’s compliance solutions FirstDoc and FirstPoint deliver powerful and certified software in the areas of research, development, quality and manufacturing.

Paired with fme’s solutions for the life sciences industry and the migration-center they represent a powerful bundling of expertise, especially in the areas of drug submission and regulatory affairs. Run your document migration process fast and safely. Save valuable time and money by migrating your content with the migration-center safe switch program for DXC FirstDoc.


Your Benefits

  • Save 60 % in costs and 80 % in project duration when using migration-center, compared to developing your own scripts and frameworks
  • Increased user acceptance with initially filled new system
  • Assurance of regulatory compliance because of full migration process audit trail
  • Avoid system downtimes with successive delta migrations
  • High performance and no volume restriction
  • Provide a process model and technique for highly complex migrations
  • API & Framework for customizations
  • Achieve success with a solution proven in more than 350 customer projects

Of course we offer further service in terms of analysis and planning, project management or product training. We will also support you with the implementation and deliver maintenance and support after the initial project phase.

How does migration-center do the trick?

migration-center is first in technology for automated document migrations from diverse source systems into the FirstDoc repository. The safe switch program represents a superior best practice solution, including advanced processes and technology for the delicate transfer of documents to your FirstDoc environment (e.g. for R&D and QA modules) using migration-center and corresponding out-of-the-box FirstDoc adapter.

It holds a lot of value if you are looking for a way to migrate your documents into your DXC FirstDoc system fast and safely. migration-center ensures compliance with legal requirements and shortens the project’s duration. During the data migration process, attributes and rights structures are automatically allocated to each document and thus make the new system usable without delay.

Supported Source Systems
  • Alfresco
  • Database (SQL)
  • DXC FirstDoc
  • eRoom
  • File Share
  • IBM Notes/Domino
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel / CSV
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OpenText Content Server
  • OpenText Documentum (Webtop, D2, xCP)
  • XML
  • others on request
Supported Capabilities

Document Capabilities:

  • Custom object types and attributes
  • Audit trails*
  • System attributes (creation date, modify date, owner etc.)
  • Set rights / ACLs
  • Set user / groups
  • Set lifecycles state
  • Workflows (promote)*
  • Aspects
  • Primary content
  • Secondary content (renditions)
  • Content-less objects
  • Versions
  • Relations*
  • Virtual documents*
  • Links*
  • Value lists
  • Annotations*

DXC FirstDoc Specific Capabilities:

  • Data and Product Dictionary Validation
  • Automatic Hashcode determination from Regulatory Dictionary

Folder Capabilities:

  • Custom object types and attributes
  • Automatic and rule-based folder creation
  • Set rights / ACLs
  • Set user / groups
  • Links*
  • Value lists

Migration Capabilities:

  • Advanced Metadata transformation
  • Source system analysis capabilities
  • Duplicate detection
  • No content copy migrations*
  • Successive delta or incremental migration
  • Scheduled and fully automated migration
  • No volume restrictions
  • Scalability and parallel processing
  • Synchronisation
  • Offline simulation
  • Roll back

*Source system dependent

Supported Versions
  • 6.3
  • 6.4
  • 7.0 R&D (FDRD) & QM (FDGMP)