Limited Special | Small-Scale Project Offer

Are you facing a small migration project with limited budget?

Limited Special | Small-Scale Project Offer

Use the full functionality of migration-center even for your smallest of projects

Nobody gets left behind with migration-center

As the leading product for content migrations, even the biggest and most complex migration projects finish successfully with migration-center. However, what if your migration project only consists of a rather small amount of files for which it would not be profitable to buy or lease a full license of migration-center?
Don’t worry, we take care of everybody, even the smallest content migrations out there.
With our brand new Small-Scale Project Offer, we answer the call for an opportunity of using migration-center even for small volume migration projects.

How can I take advantage of this offer?

All you need to do is to fill in and submit the form below. Besides your personal contact information, we especially need the following information:

  1. The project period, in which you plan to carry out the migration.
  2. The migration path(s), for which you want to use migration-center (e. g. Migration from Microsoft SharePoint to OpenText Documentum)
  3. A self-proposed price, which you see fit for the chosen migration path.

As soon as your form has been submitted, a dedicated migration-center expert will validate your information and get back to you to make sure you get your copy of migration-center as fast as possible.

Propose your Small-Scale Project request

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*We do not accept any free of charge inquiries. Users sending in a price proposal do not have the entitlement of the price suggested in the form. Furthermore, a support fee of 20% will automatically be added to all price proposals.