Keep Your Sales & Marketing Collateral up-to-date in Microsoft SharePoint

Apr 8, 2014 | by Fabian Krüger

The migration-center is an out-of-the-box product to migrate content automatically and easily from one location to another. It is designed for large volume content migrations, easy to use and works with high efficiency. The product offers a wide range of migration paths from a wide variety of source and target systems as well as a professionally documented developer API to build your own source and target system adapters. The migration-center is not only a tool to migrate your content from one system to another, but also provides possibilities to (re-)organize your content in different locations.

Use case: Keeping it up-to-date

We are sometimes faced with the challenge to combine daily collaborative work on up-to-date sales and marketing collateral and filing them in a system of records like Documentum effectively. At the same time you want to establish your server as a public point of access for your partners or customers where all product information is stored, but without granting them access to your system of records with possibly confidential content. In this case you might consider separating your system of records (e.g. Documentum) and setting up a discrete server running SharePoint with public access for your partners and customers. During the last years Microsoft’s SharePoint platform has become more and more important and received increased interests due to useful collaborative capabilities.

Based on these considerations you can set up an approval workflow in Documentum to automatically publish content from the system of records to SharePoint. It could contain the steps draft, review, approved and publish, where the last step is targeted to your marketing staff. Your marketing team decides which documents may be of interest for your sales and marketing team only and which ones may get published for your partners and customers at your public SharePoint site. This decision can be made by introducing a new custom attribute for your sales and marketing document types. Let’s call it “Publish as” with two possible values “internal” for internal or confidential content and “external” for public accessible content. Based on these attributes the migration-center collects those documents (e.g. in a daily run) and publishes them physically or just as a link to the SharePoint site.

To synchronize and connect both systems the SharePoint Server requires some preparation. For a successful migration it is beneficial to have knowledge in the use of Content Types, because linked documents are imported to SharePoint based on the Content Type “Link to a document” and physically published documents are published based on the Content Type “Document”. Any attribute value from the Documentum source system can be applied to any of your SharePoint custom Content Types attributes. It is also possible to create additional attribute values inside the migration-center and apply these values to the document that is imported  after you have scanned your system of records.

Here at fme we are using a customized version of Documentum to identify a document by an auto-incrementing number attribute. Appending this number to a Documentum URL automatically redirects to the requested Document. This process of concatenating is a transformation and creates a value that is used for the URL attribute in the SharePoint Content Type “Link to a Document”, that links to an internal document in your system of records Documentum at your desired target location in SharePoint. The described process can be scheduled in migration-center to run periodically and keeps changes in source and target system in a synchronized state at all times.

As a result the sales and marketing team is always able to work with the latest versions of your collateral. Customers can navigate to your public portal and find the latest documents. Depending on your needs it is also possible to synchronize any changes made in SharePoint back to your Documentum source system where Documentum is the leading platform.