Documentum and OpenText: Choose the best from both worlds

At the beginning of the year OpenText acquired Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum and have lately announced that the Documentum product stack will be enhanced and further developed. The supplementary portfolio of both platforms gives you as customers the opportunity to choose from different options. Stick to either of the platforms you are using or use this opportunity to check if  you could benefit from the one or the other even more. If you are happy with your OpenText or Documentum solution we are too 😉 We can support you in upgrading to newer versions and reorganizing your repositories to enhance the quality of your application. If you are looking into the new industry solutions like the OpenText Documentum Life Sciences Solution Suite which might bring even more benefit to your organization you can benefit from our vast content migration experience.

migration-center has been ready for content migrations to Documentum D7, D2, D2 Life Science Solution, xCP and InfoArchive for years and still is. The product does also have connectors supporting content migrations from different source systems to OpenText™ Content Server 10.x and Content Suite 16 as well as migrating from OpenText to Documentum. Whatever your future plans are, migration-center saves valuable time and money by migrating your content and simplifies the transition to a new solution.


Webinar Series: OpenText and Documentum

This webinar series addresses both, new and existing Documentum and OpenText customers. Regarding existing Documentum or OpenText customers this series should help to enable them to choose the best of both worlds and migrate content to either platform without risk. Furthermore, our aim is to show new customers how our product migration-center helps to migrate from an existing ECM system to a Documentum or OpenText solution.

Watch the three recorded sessions on demand and choose what helps you most. The series starts with an overview session, in the second and third part  deep dive product-demos give an insight of how migration-center masters content migrations from Documentum to OpenText and from OpenText to Documentum.


If you have any questions regarding the webinars feel free to contact us at info(at)


Further Thoughts about Documentum and OpenText by fme


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