CIO’s Should Focus on Delivering Value not IT!

Apr 4, 2018 | by Fredrik Olsson

Blogpost | Header | CIOs Should Focus on Delivering Value not IT

Paris, London and Munich: At this year’s “OpenText Innovation Tour 2018” you can visit me in these cities at our fme booth. If you do not live close to Brunswick, this is probably the best chance to hook up with me and talk about delivering value for your company.

Why should you visit? As we live in a fast moving world of information technology and we need to clean-up, restructure, merge or update our systems and applications on a regular basis, it is essential to set the focus on delivering value to the users by tackling your migration project the right way. Stop trying to do all of this on your own and benefit from the expert knowledge out there.


With the fast development of ECM systems, old or new ECM applications being incorporated through acquisitions or just by operating several different ECM systems, CIOs sometimes drown in the daily work keeping those systems up and running.
My advice: Decommission your legacy ECM systems today and clean-up your important data to get back on track with an efficient ECM application!


Users are unsatisfied with the performance of your current ECM system and maybe young users even rather work with companies with a modern and efficient IT infrastructure. Many of the companies I spoke with throughout the years are reluctant to clean-up their repositories and they tend to push such a decision into the future.

Why does this happen? Migration of data has become more complex and difficult and the number of ECM systems has grown over the years. To keep all this up and running requires many hours of tedious work.
My advice: Set the focus on a modern ECM environment and applications with a high usability and value to the user!

Let. Us. Do. It.

This may sound simple at first but what about time, money and the required expertise? How to start when the whole team is using all their hours to keep the existing system running?
In this case, I say “let loose, foot loose…” because your one time project is our daily business.

Stop trying to do all by yourself and bring in the experts of content migration and application customization to push your digitalization forward. 18 years of migration experience and the leading tool for content migrations speak for themselves!

Paris, London, Munich or even in your office, just sit down and listen how you can make a change for your company, your IT team and all end-users in your office. All this without overtime, sleepless nights and lost information.

Paris, London, Munich … see ya!